About Us

EzFIM was created with the realization that a File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) does not have to be overly complexed or exorbitantly priced. Whether your company wants to enhance it’s security baseline or is simply in the first stages of achieving compliance, EzFIM provides your business with the simplest and most cost-effective solution on the market.

By partnering with the leading managed security companies, EzFIM established a unique niche and jumped ahead of the competition. Ease of use and affordability sets EzFIM apart from the FIM competition thanks to its ability to seamlessly integrate with any logging or SIEM solution. No need to add yet another system console that has to be managed and monitored. EzFIM runs on existing infrastructure that is already being monitored by your team, MSP or MSSP and is simply just another report or alert to review.  EzFIM is also available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for cloud logging, SIEM, AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

EzFIM is the easy and affordable way to enhance your company’s security without breaking the bank.


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